MA04 series Datasheet English

MA04 series

We’ve developed the MA04 series amps in pursuit of the highest fidelity, power density and stability possible. Featuring our high efficiency Class I™ power modules, a premium quality heavy-duty toroidal transformer power supply and the highest grade components, the MA04 series power amps deliver an enormous amount of power with unmatched sonic quality. Even at continuous operation in the most critical working conditions. These amps are also equipped with SAE Audio’s robust Ultra Low-Loading Capacity technology, so the MA04 series is an ideal power stage for high SPL sub applications.


  • Premium quality heavy-duty toroidal transformer power supply.
  • High efficiency Class I™ power modules.
  • Differential Amplifier balanced inputs for improved CMRR and noise rejection.
  • Ultra low-load output capacity.
  • High grade components for a superior sonic performance.
  • Backlit front panel controls.
  • Channel independent power and -3dB / -6dB / -12dB / -24dB / clip indicators on the front panel.
  • Channel independent protection warning indicator on the front panel.
  • XLR input and signal link connectors.
  • SpeakON NL4 and binding post output connectors.
  • Input sensitivity selector on the back panel (32dB / 1v / 0.775v).
  • Routing mode selector (stereo / bridge-parallel) with status indicator on the back panel.
  • Channel independent soft-clipping selector on the back panel.


Model MA8004 MA16004
Output power (AC 220v/50Hz. +/-10%. All channels driven output power, THD=1%)
8Ω Stereo* 800W x4 1600W x4
4Ω Stereo** 1300W x4 2300W x4
2Ω Stereo** 1900W x4 3000W x4
8Ω Bridge** 2500W x2 4600W x2
4Ω Bridge** 3500W x2 6000W x2
Other specifications
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz, +0/-0.5dB 20Hz – 20kHz, +0/-0.5dB
THD+N < 0.1% < 0.1%
S/N Rate ≥ 90dB ≥ 90dB
Damping Factor > 200 > 200
Input Sensitivity 0.775v 0.775v
Input Impedance (bal/unbal) 20kΩ / 10kΩ 20kΩ / 10kΩ
Voltage Gain 40.3dB 43.2dB
Cooling Air flow from front to rear
Dimension / Weight
Product Dimensions (mm) 483 x 495 x 133 (3U) 483 x 495 x 133 (3U)

1、*Power tested under EIA standard.
2、**Power tested under the condition of 40ms burst, 1KHz sine wave and 1% THD.
3、SAE reserves the right to make any changes to the product specifications without prior notice. Final specifications to be found in the user manual.